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I remember it, as if it were hours ago. I was doing my usual thing online, chatting and posting in one of the Ron Paul groups that I’m a member of… and it happened. I saw a post from a group member; “Rand just endorsed Romney on Hannity…” I was shocked. The frenzy began… people started posting, emotions started getting heated. I pulled up the endorsement video on YouTube. I noticed something, the man on tv, talking about having SO much in common with Romney, sounded like a POLITICIAN. So, I shrugged it off, and decided to wait for things to play out. I wasn’t even going to bother with it till the next day. Then, I got a direct message from my dear friend, Kelly…

I will admit, I was pretty upset over it myself. So, I decided to really give it some thought. You know, make an attempt to understand what had happened. In hind sight, I have NO

earthly clue why we all were so shocked. It’s not like we couldn’t see this coming.

I mean, when you really think about it, to have any success with our movement, we’d have to work with the establishment guys.  What were we expecting Ron Paul to do, fire every member of congress?  Truth is, whether any of us like to admit it or not, Rand Paul did something that had to be done.  What he did was to legitimize every Paul supporter who took over in their local county and state’s GOP.  If this did NOT happen, then our presence in Tampa would have been considerably marginalized.

So, What we need to do from here, is be patient and committed to the cause of liberty.  I may not speak for some of you, but I feel it would be a DAMN shame if we let all the work we’ve done, all we fought for… be in vain.  So, consider what the rumour mills in the political world are saying…

1. That Rand Paul made a backroom deal with Romney, behind his father’s back, and literally sold out on the idea of freedom –

I find that a little too hard to believe.  Even if that were the case, it makes no real difference.  When you think of it, the shear numbers that the liberty movement has gained has made us a virtually unstoppable force.  Why are we concerning ourselves with the ‘loss’ of ONE person when we have gained so many.  Not only has the revolution grown in size, but the influence that has been acquired by OUR people within local, county, and even state levels of the republican party.  So, to think that we HAD to “Go for it”, when perhaps the “coffin corner” punt that Rand performed was just that.  A strategic move, based on field position.  With Rand’s endorsement of Mitt, THEY may have the  ball now, but they’re pined on the 1 yard line.

2. That Rand, and in fact RON PAUL HIMSELF, were stringing us along for a ride, with no intention of trying to win-

Which is, of course, really a ridiculous notion.  Firstly, OUR success has ALWAYS hinged on OUR ability, willingness, and commitment to involve OUR-selves in the process. The “controlled-opposition” theories never have sat well with me.  I find them largely baseless, especially when you consider the nature and progression of our movement.   Even IF Rand and even the Doc really WERE playing us for fools, they certainly wouldn’t be getting the last laugh.  WE, as a collective grassroots movement have taken leadership positions at all levels of the system.  From taking the the position of CHAIRMAN of the State of Alaska’s  GOP, to SWEEPING the delegate totals from Maine … we have had by and large, an INCREDIBLE amount of success.  So if we DID get sold out… I’m more than certain, we could manage the movement from here….. (to be continued, look for at-least 2 more parts over the next couple of days.)

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About Marshall D. Culpepper

Marshall is a Husband, and father of two children. He resides in upstate, South Carolina.


  1. Finally! Someone with some logic and reason.


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