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Problem-plagued primary confuses candidates | THE JEENYUS CORNER

English: The Supreme Court of South Carolina's...

English: The Supreme Court of South Carolina’s building (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Confusion over an obscure ethics form has overshadowed traditional campaign issues in the weeks leading up to South Carolina’s problem-plagued primary.

Instead of talk about taxes and government spending, legal challenges have stolen the limelight. Incumbents watched as waves of opponents had their political hopes dashed.

Following two recent South Carolina Supreme Court rulings, at least 215 Democratic and Republican hopefuls across the state have been banished from the ballot for failing to properly file what is known as a statement of economic interests. The number of ineligible candidates may grow before voters head to the polls Tuesday.

Fifteen of out 23 challengers in Anderson and Pickens counties who filed to run in March were deemed ineligible. In Oconee County, 11 of 13 candidates faced the same fate, prompting election officials to cancel the Republican primary.

Still on the ballot

The following races remain on the ballot for Tuesday’s primary in Anderson County:


Anderson County Council District 1

Francis Crowder, incumbent

John Benca

State Senate District 3

Kevin Bryant, incumbent

Don Bowen Jr.

State Senate District 4

Billy O’Dell, incumbent

Riley Harvell

State House District 10

Joshua Putnam, incumbent

Hamp Johnson


3rd Congressional District

Brian Doyle

Cason Gaither

“No one in either party saw this train wreck coming,” said Matt Moore, executive director of the South Carolina GOP.

Robert Oldendick, a University of South Carolina political science professor, said the ballot chaos is unprecedented in state history.

“Nothing of this scope has ever happened before, and it probably won’t happen again,” Oldendick said in an interview Saturday.

via » Anderson Independent Mail.


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