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June, 7. 2012

As SC GOP officials deal with the disheartening decision handed down by the state’s supreme court, one republican challenger (who was not affected by the ballot debacle) is facing attacks from his incumbent opponent.  Riley Harvell is seeking to unseat Sen. O’Dell, who has been in office for over two decades.  The young conservative is now fending off attacks that falsely depict him as a candidate allied with special interest groups.  In response to the accusations made by the democrat turned republican (O’Dell crossed party lines in 2003, in a move to remain in power),  The young U.S. Marine reservist put out the following statement earlier today:

Apparently my opponent is trying to label me as a pawn of “out-of-state special interests”. The only special interest I have been backed by is the SC Club for Growth in Columbia, and I am proud of that. This is the same organization that supported Jeff Duncan in his bid for Congress, Nikki Haley in her run for Governor, and today announced that six more endorsements for this years election cycle including Anderson Senator Kevin Bryant. If this is a special interest, I am proud to be in such conservative company.

My opponent on the other hand is backed by special interests both in state and out-of-state, from the Myrtle Beach Golf/restaurant/Political/Lodging PAC’s to Bio-Medical Companies in California, from Titlemax Corp to Walmart.

What bothers me the most is that he is sending expensive mailers to people misleading them about my support from conservative organizations in this state while failing to mention the tens of thousands of dollars he takes each year from “out-of-state special interests”. If I had taken money from special interests, you would see mailers from my campaign refuting these ridiculous accusations.

I encourage you to talk to your friends and family about this campaign. If Senator O’Dell wins because people are worried about out-of-state interests, they will have been deceived again by another politician.”

The South Carolina Club for Growth, who endorsed Harvell in mid-May, has attacked O’Dell on several issues ranging from his votes approving the largest budget in state history, to the senator’s 2003 conversion to the GOP (without converting his voting positions).  The following video was originally posted to YouTube by the organization.


About Marshall D. Culpepper

Marshall is a Husband, and father of two children. He resides in upstate, South Carolina.


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