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All Options On The Table… EXCEPT For Peace As Obama Gears Up For Third U.S. War.

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President Obama’s battle-cry has been kicked into high gear, in none-too-coincidental timing with the AIPAC Conference (American/Israeli Political Action Conference)  This years event has already shaped up to be a non-stop machine of pro-war rhetoric.This propaganda onslaught is aimed at once again duping the American population into supporting another illegal and undeclared war.  Despite government claims to the media (who never question it) that Iran is working at a rapid pace to obtain a nuclear warhead, many sources in the intelligence community are saying something a little different.  The most notable administration insider to admit that there is no evidence to suggest Iran is attempting a military application to their nuclear energy program, is Former CIA Director, and current Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta. See Video:

While most of those officials, who have been honest for a precious few moments, still say military action is a top option.  This has many Americans & Iranians alike anxious about what will unfold in the coming weeks.  The topic of Iran’s nuclear program has taken it’s place as a critical topic in the G.O.P primaries, which will have ten primary elections/caucuses during what is known as ‘Super Tuesday’.  The political position taken by the republican candidates are just as pro-war as President Obama’s.  That is, of course, with the exception of Congressman Ron Paul of Texas.  Paul has repetedly stated that engaging in military operations, and even placing sanctions against the internationally isolated nation will cause more tensions between Washington and Tehran.  Nevertheless, critics have lashed out at Dr. Paul, and the G.O.P. establishment ridicules his non-interventionist policies.  It would be remiss to omit yet another glaring differrence between Congressman Paul, and the “three of a kind” G.O.P. Insiders, and that is the fact that Paul is the only one of the four to have served in the military. Dr. Paul was a flight surgeon during the Vietnam war.    

Ron Paul taking questions in Manchester, NH

Ron Paul taking questions in Manchester, NH (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Surprisingly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a speech to Congress, echoed the same ideas as Dr. Paul. Stating “you don’t need to send American troops to Israel, We defend OURSELVES”  The Rabbi Brant Rosen also is concerened about the prospect of a third war in the middle east. He has posted on his website Shalom Rav | A Blog by Rabbi Brant Rosen, an open letter on behalf of The Jewish Voice for Peace Rabbinical Council. Expressing the Rabbi’s concerns and fears if a nuclear conflict were to begin. Click here to read the open letter.

So, as the prospect of WWIII looms in our future (not sure how distant), build resolve to not just accept what we are told by a federal government  out of control.  Instead, question! QUESTION EVERYTHING. Cause it’s obvious, that if we don’t ask questions, it’s easier for us to be lied to. Please let us know your opinion on the U.S./Israel/Iran situation by taking the poll below.  Untill next post, This is The Jeenyus, and I tell it how it SHOULD be told! HOLLA!


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