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They’re Kids, Not Sexual Objects | THE JEENYUS CORNER

By Dawn Freeman Culpepper

I think any parent who buys their innocent little girl that skimpy, sexy, lacy, lingerie should get a visit from a DSS case worker.  It disgusts me to know that there are parents out there who sees nothing wrong with letting their pure female children wear something so provocative and sexy at such a naive and impressionable age.

They are children for God’s sake.  You shouldn’t GIFT WRAP them for a pedophile.  Little girls look adorable in SOME clothes.  My little girl wears short shorts, but she also wears pull-ups, and when the pull-ups come off, so will the short shorts!  I will not allow my baby to show off parts of her body in ANY kind of sexual way.  Now as for the toddlers in beauty pageants…. HELLO!  These are our precious BABIES, and they should not be paraded as an OBJECT to someone’s sick thoughts.  Beauty is only skin deep.  Natural beauty, not make-up, hairspray, frilly/lacy dresses.

Their beauty should be allowed to develop naturally.  At 18, if they wanna participate in pageants, it’s their choice.  They are of legal age.  Parents shouldn’t live vicariously through their children.  It becomes work, not fun, and I don’t think these small children are having fun having to sit still for hours being painted and pressured to perform.  They are nowhere near mature enough to live like an adult.  Parents, let them be little.  Let them cry, throw tantrums, pick their noise or eat dirt if they so wish.  Treat your children with RESPECT in order to get their respect.


About Dawn Culpepper

34 year old Wife, and mother of 2. Hobbies include quilting, cross-stitching, crafting, scrap-booking, and spending time with my family.


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