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By Dawn Freeman Culpepper

I think these women are only wanting fame, NOT freedom.  You “women” want fame?  Be a good Samaritan, use your body to help an elderly man rake leaves, or sit with a disabled person, read to a blind kid, pretty much anything.  The reward may only be a kind gesture, or kind words about a woman doing GOOD in a screwed up world. Good outweighs evil, any day.  So instead of showing the world what you have, I’m sure God would rather you show the world what you can do.  With your mind, not your body.  I know I would.  I realize I can not protect my kids from the all negativity this world has to offer.  On the other hand, I do not want to walk into a shopping center with my family and be exposed to topless women.  My nine year old son turns a corner, and see a woman’s bare breasts, simply because there’s hot weather.

Sometimes this is how my wife and I feel in public, having to shield our kid’s eyes, so they don’t see exposed body parts.

Screw That!  You hot? Take a cold shower, wear a tank top or something.  You wanna be nude? Move to a nudist colony or roam your house baring all you want.  I do not want to see it, my kids do not deserve to be exposed to the indecency of promiscuous women who have no respect for other people.  This is not Girls Gone Wild. This is America.  As the second amendment clearly states:  A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state.  The right of the people to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed.  No where have I seen; you have the right to bare your body in anyway you see fit.  Men do walk around shirtless, and some men do have ‘man boobs’ and as disgusting as that is, a man’s chest is not considered a sexual organ. Whereas a woman’s breast is. Women wear MINI skirts, halter tops and cootchie-cutter shorts or skin tight pants that look like they’re painted on. Now how disgusting do you think a guy would look in any of those?  I think women don’t realize that they are allowed, not forced to flaunt their bodies, in ways that certainly should be illegal but aren’t.  So, enjoy the privileges you do have and KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON FOR GOD’S SAKE!



About Dawn Culpepper

34 year old Wife, and mother of 2. Hobbies include quilting, cross-stitching, crafting, scrap-booking, and spending time with my family.


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